We are currently taking holidays in Sydney, Australia and we will resume taking orders shortly. While we are here we have visited a Moving company or removalists as they are called in Australia. Men That Move a Sydney Moving Company – Removalists Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane …whom
offer a unique plastic moving boxes to their customers needing removalists services. The system, as described on their website, is really quite simple. The boxes are delivered a week prior to the moving date, the customer packs the boxes and they are then collected by the removals team and delivered to their new address.

These boxes are very different to normal moving boxes in that:

  • They are made from hard durable plastic
  • They can be used hundreds of times instead of 1-2 times like cardboard boxes
  • The customer doesn’t need to go searching for old boxes
  • The boxes are collected and cleaned for next customer

What a fabulous service. We are currently looking at how we can integrate these with our moving services.