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Getting your family relocated to a different place? You will need a trustworthy removals service provider, and that is why you need Dave Dee Removals. 

Reassembly & packing

We not just provide transportation service but we also have packing services. Just tell us what you want, and we will get that done for you.


This one is the best part of getting our services. We have large vaults that can act as your personal storage spaces as long as you want. 

deliver around the world

Geographical boundaries shouldn’t be a barrier for you to relocate along with your family. That is why we have extended our services globally, and now you can be free of fear and tension. 


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For official reasons I had to relocate along with my family to a different place. I was looking for a service provider who can get the packing and moving activities done. That’s when Dave Dee offered to help and I can never be happier than that. Thanks to Dave Dee services. 

Mark Twain

Director, Logistic

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Plastic Removals Boxes

Plastic Removals Boxes

We are currently taking holidays in Sydney, Australia and we will resume taking orders shortly. While we are here we have visited a Moving company or removalists as they are called in Australia. Men That Move a Sydney Moving Company – Removalists Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane …whom
offer a unique plastic moving boxes to their customers needing removalists services. The system, as described on their website, is really quite simple. The boxes are delivered a week prior to the moving date, the customer packs the boxes and they are then collected by the removals team and delivered to their new address.

These boxes are very different to normal moving boxes in that:

  • They are made from hard durable plastic
  • They can be used hundreds of times instead of 1-2 times like cardboard boxes
  • The customer doesn’t need to go searching for old boxes
  • The boxes are collected and cleaned for next customer

What a fabulous service. We are currently looking at how we can integrate these with our moving services.


Tips To Fight The Problems Of Relocating

Tips To Fight The Problems Of Relocating

Relocating yourself to a new place can be exciting, but that comes at the cost of a lot of problems. Very few people take measures to stay away from such problems, while a majority of us have issues with relocating ourselves to a new place. With proper steps taken these problems are always avoidable. There are two things one is we are not aware of our vulnerability, and the next thing is we think they are unavoidable. So here are the list of problems and their solutions. Take a look at it, and we hope that it will prove to be useful.

Fear of unknown place:

There is always a fear of moving to an unknown location. We are not sure of what is waiting for us, and how fast we might get acquainted with it. In case if you relocate yourself unaware of the place, every single thing is going to get difficult. That is why we highly recommend that you do proper research before you move to a different location. Look for the facilities and amenities available in and around the location. This way you will know the place even before you could move there.

Moving costs:

These days moving costs are very high. Movers and packers are doubtlessly catering extremely good services, but that has a cost that you can’t imagine. Again we ask that you don’t settle for the first movers that you find googling. Sometimes there might be a decent mover around your location, and you might not consider them worthy. So the first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you find the right mover who fits into your cost. Try and reduce other moving expenses that are unwanted.

The movers don’t work your way:

Movers do not understand the worth of your products. In case if you are picking a service provider who is doing both moving and packing service. Then you might have to stay along with him throughout the process. Only then they will work the way you want them to. In case if you don’t say along with them, their packing styles may be different from what you are expecting. So only way to avoid this is that you will have to stay with them throughout the process.

Items on the truck and the threat:

The items on the truck, until they reach home are always on the threat. When you are on the move or if you are away from the truck and some mishap takes place, imagine the consequences that you have to face. There are also issues such as losing or misplacing an item. That is why you shall always have the items listed before they are loaded into the truck. It is also important that you carry an insurance cover for the truck and the things that you are carrying along if you are on your own without a mover.

5 Relocation Mistakes That All Of Us Do

5 Relocation Mistakes That All Of Us Do

All of us must have encountered the relocation process at least once in our life, and we know that it is not simple to move from one place to another add there are a lot of things that you will have to focus on. Sometimes you might not even know that you are making a mistake. So here are some of the common relocation mistakes that we do and the ways to overcome them. With no further delay let’s hear further.

Lack of research:

As a person who is moving to a new location, there are a lot of things that you will have to focus on. Be it the new location that you are moving to. The places that will be around you. The facilities that you need and much more. When there is lack of research, there will be problems when have relocated yourself. So make sure that you put in adequate research so that you don’t have problems after relocation.

Improper removal service:

The most effective thing that you will have to receive is the removal service provided by your movers and packers. If they do not put in their best and provide you will all that is mandatory it can be quite a bitter relocation experience. Be it reaching the place on time or getting your things transported properly, everything from start to end becomes an issue.

Running out of time:

One of the biggest issues with relocation is the problem that you have with planning. In most of the cases, people never jot down a proper plan before they relocate. You always feel like you have a lot of time and then mess up everything at the eleventh hour. So if there is one thing that you will have to remember that is planning. As a part of planning, you are also expected to make a list of things that you are relocating so that you will have a track of what you are carrying and what you are not.

Get the statutory requirements done:

I wouldn’t call this is a mistake, but this is one thing that all of us are casual about. We do not give it the importance that it has to receive. If you didn’t know what we are saying, we are talking about the name change and the address transfers that you have to make. When you are permanently going to relocate yourself, then it is important. The tip is that you can start the process even before you actually move to the place. This way you are all set to relocate yourself without any trouble.

Discard or sell:

All of us have a lot of junk stored at home. Taking the benefit of relocating yourself it would be nice if you can throw all the junk at least. Junk is anything that you might have stored for a long time but never used it. Don’t carry them again to the new place. If you are sure that you wouldn’t use it, then either discard it or sell it.